February 28, 2010

one day left

today is February
28th, that's mean, tomorrow is March 1st. i will be get busy busy busy, more project, more lab practice, more everything after a whole month stayed at home. i need to pack up again, and off to Surabaya to get start my second semester on ITS.

then, today's photo is this

sarasvati business

ok, that was a shot when i visited tanah lot beach, at first i didn't realize that today the beach full of people with strange outfit and i just take a shot over and over again.
but, then i asked somebody about what is exactly happen. it was a preparation for sarasvati day, or i don't know what it is, local people said to me that this event was prepared to celebrate sarasvati, their goddess of knowledge, art, and music.

all school, temple, was full of people, and Denpasar city square too.
well, i was lucky then, if i able to see this event.

God, i was really tired, there's still a lot off photos to spill here, but this morning at 7.00am i just arrived from bali. i need to take some rest before working on all of those nasty freakin' photos.

February 24, 2010

paint paint paint

paint paint paint

well that was really catch an attention, when a local artist doing his painting at Tugu Station. it was an afternoon when me and my gf take a walk around jogja and do a reservation for my ticket to Surabaya. when arrived at Station, that painting is not that completed, and just a simple black and white draft, so i decided to catch the picture when that painting is half finished.

February 22, 2010

ahh, they called it pop-art

well, pop-art, every people used to called that. that art things are looks like old for me, since it was firstly used on 1950 in Britain. i never find myself can create such thing like pop-art, even i had some books that shows how to create a pop-art, it seems very difficult for me to adapt my style on pop-art.

some other time, in my leisure time, i try to create that pop-art thingy, but it kinda messy. it was still hard for me to do pop-art.

strange pose

the person on that photo with strange pose is a friend of mine, Saga Aditya.
well, actually, he kinda a bit stressed up, so in one night, we step out from our room, and meet up with another friends to roam the street at night (kinda freak) haha.

well, he wants me to take his photo in the middle of street with that pose.
so i did it, and do some black white on Photoshop and try that pop-art thing.

well, i guess it's not too bad for an amateur like me huh.

February 20, 2010

take the lead

take the lead

another random catch on jogja street.

it was a reflex when i capture this moment, when i saw a pedicap innocently pass the traffic light.
very funny when i saw another people watching that pedicab skeptically.

February 19, 2010

don't step on that son

don't step on that

just a simple capture when i was at jogja. that picture reminds me about how my mother always tenderly love me (No, she just all the way selfish).

February 18, 2010

this evening gave some shit

i don't want to hear

a shit

that's all.
anything has it's reason...

February 14, 2010

this where I start

one mile above my room is a place where i think about my life, my way, my imagination. I always try to put my mind up there so i can think even clearer than put my mind inside my room.

and for the starters, i try to write my own blog just in case of forget about what i ever think about there, one mile above my room.

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