March 11, 2010

another short post

yeay !

for the next 3 days, i'll be on jogja :D

spending my time on those lovely street, and it'll be exciting to take a street-shutter round and round.

that's mean, i'm not going back to my home this weekend, and my brother could rule the internet connection. he's really addicted on that online game, jeezzz...

alright then,

my next photo post would be... JOGJA...

so with this BenQ C750 (not yet Canon 50D) i'll take the street of jogja :)

March 6, 2010

don't ask me the title !

boring, boring, boring TIME


boring, boring, boring TIME


March 5, 2010

my baby is right behind the glass

last wednesday, i went to gramedia expo. i planned to visit an exhibition before, yeah some kind of electronic stuff exhibition, and the exhibition were held at gramedia expo. well, last week was my bad week. i left my camera at home, so at this weekend i have to go back and pick it up, perhaps, my parent give me more money to spend at Surabaya. lol. and i'm home right now :)

well, in case of that, i can't take any picture of the exhibition. my bad, my bad...

ohh, i saw many computer vendor in their respective stand. Acer, Toshiba, HP, etc and some other local vendor. but, there's only one stand catch my eyes. Canon stand not only present their printer stuff, but also the camera, yeah, including DSLR one. and shit, guess what? i fell in love with one of their product. EOS 50D. damn... no way i can't buy such an expensive camera. few days ago, my father decide to bought a brand new handy cam rather than upgrading my camera :(

woooaahhh, i really want my baby 50D, i want it, really really really want it :(

october is all the way far... this is march, and october is 8 months later...
wonder if i get my baby in my birthday...

but, i have to be grateful, this BenQ DC-C750 is not bad either, it was 7 megapixel. i think my brother should have this C750 after i get my 50D, hahaha... yeah, some day...

my baby E50 is right behind the exhibition glass, wait me baby.

and another photo when i was in Bali, how about Ulun Danu Shrine. very common picture :|
and yet a not too good capture, since my camera is just BenQ C750.

shrine and the lake

March 3, 2010

live my life once again

life is started,
i had to live my life in here once again. in this next 6 months, there's should be a change.
alright, let's make a list.

- i'm very bad at programing, then it will be a lot of hard work. then, i have a date with programing.
-then, my mathematic is in satisfying level, but lot of my friend got a better score, so revenge will take on that problem. stab their back, and make an advantages for me, syahahaha :D
-better time management, no more delay anything.
-of course, my room. it's kinda messy. me and my room mate definitely have to clean up.
-create a bookshelf, a lot of our book are simply lay on the floor, and that make it very hard to find.
-need an air freshener, no need to said repeatedly, our room is not to errrr...
-a shoe and sandal shelf, very simple.

well then, maybe only that for now. change we can, lol.

daily's photo...

this photo is my baby today.

nearly perfect sunset

very disappointing, the sunset was covered with cloud. it was too much cloud that time, i myself not assure if i will got a nice capture. but the silhouette of the people satisfy me enough. there's nothing perfect, even the wave is calm enough, the light is sweet, the silhouette is cool, but the sunset is hate me, she hide between the clouds.

March 1, 2010

short post under the rain


well, i'm here, under the rain, under the roof of my campus.

anyway, i currently listen to Adhitia Sofyan single, Deadly Storm Lighning Thunder, makes me feel better.
even the thunder so freakin me out, and i'm on third floor. the rain is not too heavy, but the thunder storm really frighten all of my friends here, so do I.

ohh, that photo, a random capture on Kuta beach. a cola bottle on sand. looks like abandoned by the owner, it was not empty yet, there's still 1/4 cola inside it.

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