December 11, 2010

mood failure


daripada bad-mood, menggambar asal-asalan lebih baik
nggak ngapa-ngapain

i'm desperate.
am i?

asking how desperate am i, is showing that i'm desperate.

December 6, 2010

where's the sun

ya ampun, parah benar. jam 7 pagi saya tidur lagi, dan masih pagi saat terbangun.
ini benar-benar ada yang salah.

bumi sudah benar-benar mencapai batasnya.

awwright, few things recently

my God, it's been 4 months since my last post. i'm such a bad blogger.
but, this time, I make a little bit of change. look at my new header, I just finished my RAW header, those header is just a RAW. i just simply crop here-and-there to make a new good-look. so, if there was a bad shape of cropping, i will fix it later.

about my header, the weather now-a-days is very on a shit mood. in my place, thunder storm raging every night, i couldn't sleep tight and it's really bother me a lot. so i made a change on my cloud, i put gray color just above the blue color and create some water-drops and thunder. for me, it was really funny. since when i was on kinder garden, i thought the blue color of the skies was fell down to the earth as water and the skies fade out to gray.

and i heard about a rumor saying that i have no longer interested on photography. i'm gonna put an end to those rumor.

NO, big NO. i still love photography. and, why lately i haven't post any of my photos? the answer is clear, i can't take photo anymore. my camera is broken, so i couldn't take any photo recently. what happen to my camera? she got a little crack on her LCD and won't turn on. poor me.
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